• Winter Dance Concert

    Winter Dance Concert

    Kenna and Malana

    October 24, 2018

    The winter dance concert is going to be Grinch themed. There are going to be so many fun dances. The dancers are starting to work on their dances to get ready for the concert.  Below are some students at DPMS sharing their thoughts on the upcoming concert. Everest: I didn't know it was coming ...

  • Bully Prevention Day 2018

    Bully Prevention Day 2018

    Estella and Peyton

    October 24, 2018

    Wednesday, October 24th is bully prevention day. We will show that we are united for kindness, inclusion, and acceptance. Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center states,"'ORANGE provides a powerful, visually compelling expression of solidarity,' said Paula Goldberg, Executive Director of PACER...

  • 8th Grade Outsiders Day

    8th Grade Outsiders Day

    Megan, Adelle, and Sophie

    October 22, 2018

    After reading the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, 8th graders got to watch the movie and have a breakfast described in the book. They had the option to dress up as either a Greaser or a Soc. Greasers are the lower class. They wear leather jackets/jean jackets and grease their hair. Socs are the ...

    This picture is of a bunch of greasers!

  • Draper Park Middle School Musical

    Draper Park Middle School Musical

    Eliza and Brooklyn

    October 12, 2018

    Every year Draper Park Middle School does a musical for all students to join, conducted by our amazing theater teacher, Mrs. Heiner. Every musical that Draper Park does is super fun and full of dancing, singing, and lots of practice. To be in the musical you have to fill out an audition paper and then ...

    The musical is set in the late 1950’s. It was inspired by the famous singer Elvis Presley who later received a draft notice into the army.

  • Reflections


    Ella and Sophie

    October 5, 2018

    The National PTA Reflections helps students with their confidence and their learning. All students can join from pre-k to 12th grade. Reflections is a way to show your talents in the arts. Each year there's a theme. This year's theme is "Heroes Around Me". If you're interested in what the categories...

National I Care About You Day
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Winter Dance Concert

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Fit, Flexible, and Fed

January 11, 2017

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