BLOG: DIY Making a Tutu

By Maggie Peo

Have you always wanted to make a tutu for your kids or pets, but lack the sewing skills? Then worry not! This tutorial is how to make a no-sew tutu for beginners. I have made this so many times for my cat, and it’s so easy! Napoleon Bonaparte said “If you want a thing done right, then do it yourself!”. Make yourself proud with this tutu! It will take approximately 30 minutes, but it all depends on how big of a tutu you’re making.  

For Materials, you are going to need:

-112inch to 2 inch elastic

-One to three different colors of tulle spools


-Measuring tape

-Super Glue

  1. For the first step, you are going to be measuring the waist to see how long the elastic needs to be cut. For example, I am making one for my cat, so I’m just going to take the tape measure and find how wide she is around the waist.
  1.  Next, you are going to take the measurement and your elastic and you are going to cut the it however long the measurement was. Make sure you leave a half inch to an inch of extra elastic on the end for when we glue it together. Now that you have it cut, grab your super glue, because it’s time to get Sticky! You are now going to take both ends and put a dollop of glue on one side, and press it with the other side to keep it attached. Hold that together for 30-40 seconds. Now grab your model and make sure it fits. Cut off the excess elastic.
  1. Then, take your tulle and start cutting it into strips that are about 8-10 inches, depending on how long you want the tutu to be. After you’ve cut around 100 strips, fold each of the strips in half.
  1. Take the strips and tie a half square or granny knot onto the elastic. Keep repeating that until the elastic is full of the tulle. If you are doing different colors, try alternating the colors for best result.
  1. Once you finish tying the tulle on and it is the way you want it, put it on your model and enjoy!