Draper Park Lights


Alison Hardman

A lot of students have gone to see this amazing light display at Draper City Park. This shows the popular “tree of life” on January 1,2017.

By Alison Hardman

Did you know that there is a tree that is worth $12,000? This tree is nicknamed the “Tree of Life” and can be found during the Christmas season. It is the main attraction of the Draper City Park during Christmas and has over 1,000 strand of white lights elegantly wrapped around it.

Katie Farnsworth, an 8th grader, said that “I think the lights are very pretty and they are very fun to walk around and look at.”

In addition to the Tree of Life, there are trees, bridges, and other objects that are decorated in stands of lights. “They are very colorful and I love going to see them every year,” said Alyssa Rees, an 8th grader.

If you are interested in seeing the lights, you can find them at the Draper City Park. Rees said that “It is a short drive from my house and it is very close to our school.”

Also, going to view the lights are free, and anyone can go see them again and again. Farnsworth said that “I go every year with my family and they are beautiful.”

For more information on the Draper Park Lights be sure to check out http://www.ksl.com/?sid=32619763&nid=1284 http://www.ldsliving.com/How-This-Christmas-Tree-of-Life-Was-Made-Where-You-Can-See-It-in-Person/s/77485 and http://www.draper.ut.us/992/Tree-Lighting-Ceremony