Stereotyping Cheerleaders

Carmen Jackson

Carmen Jackson
This is Ruth Jackson, a UPA cheerleader, practicing her sit ups at home, so she can become a stronger flyer and tumbler and do well at competitions.

Carmen Jackson

Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when I need her…….” sings Omi.

As you can tell, cheerleading has been becoming a very big thing to the world right now, that is why I decided to talk a bit about it. When most people think of cheerleaders they think of this: a bratty girl who is held up by other people, to shake pom-poms. Although this may be true some of the time, this is not true for All Star cheerleaders.

At UPA on my team, called Prestige, a level four team, every practice starts out the same. We start with running for ten minutes nonstop or we run fifteen laps around the gym. This ends up to be about a mile of running every day. Once this is done, we do twenty five pushups, situps, and squats. This is done three times and if anyone does it wrong, we have to start over. I think it is TERRIBLE when we have to start over, after all the hard work most of us have put in and we all have to restart!  After that, we do the same stretching routine everyday. “Go to the other side. Hold one, two, three, four………….” says the girl leading stretches. Every day a different girl from the team is in charge of stretches. This way we can all have a chance to be in charge.

When we have finished stretching we get into the good stuff, we either stunt, tumble, work on our jumps, or work on our dance. During competition season, we would go right into working on our routine which contains jumps, stunts, tumbling, and a dance. We usually start with tumbling, after warming up a bit we do standing back tucks, round-off backhandspring back tuck, or layouts. Sometimes we do things like handstand walks or something easy like that for fun. When we do stunts, we start out easy and get harder and harder every time. When practicing jumps, we usually just listen to our coaches counting, but sometimes we do it to music. There are three types of jumps; hurdlers, toe touches, and pikes. My favorite type of jumps are toe touches, and my least favorite is hurdlers. I think that hurdlers are my least favorite, because they are the hardest to get perfectly, or even close to perfect. I think you can tell what we do for our dance; dance! When we dance, we do very fast and sharp motions, it is nothing close to ballet.

When we mess up on something, such as a stunt, there are many consequences we can get. The first consequence we can get, is we have to do burpees. Sometimes we have to do it again while the rest of the team sits in a plank. There are so many other consequences we get, but these are the most common ones.

At the end of practice, we do many different types of conditioning. Everyday our conditioning has something to do with abs. We usually do more push-ups and sometimes we even do more running. Some days conditioning is terrible, while other days it is okay.

On average, a 130 pound person will burn 176 calories every thirty minutes. Team Prestige practices six hours a week, so a 130 pound person would burn 1632 calories a week.

So why do so many people think that all cheerleaders are brats? Most people think this from movies. Most of the time, the cheerleaders are super bratty and rude to the main character. I don’t know why this is done, but it annoys me.

As you can tell, many people stereotype cheerleaders without even realizing all  the work that they really do. People think that that every cheerleader is a brat and has pom-poms, but this is not true. I hope you are not the one stereotyping cheerleaders anymore. Hope to see you next time, when I will be teaching you how to become a better flyer.

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