Many people love dancing because it makes you feel good and you’re getting exercise. In dance there are requirements in order to perform an outstanding performance. If you are a beginner dancer and need tips on how to put on a great show reading this can inform you what you need to know.


First of all, We will discuss facial expressions. When you dance, you should have an expression on your face so you don’t look bored, or look like you’re being forced to dance. For example, when you are doing a hip hop or jazz routine you should put sort of a tough look but let people know you are having fun!


Secondly, when dancing, you want to make your actions really big so the people in the back can see you. The bigger the actions, The more phenomenal the dance will be!


Another thing is when you dance even if you forget a move or you skipped something, keep going! If you forgot a move and you put a confused look on your face, everyone is going to feel uncomfortable especially you. So just make something up so your audience thinks that was supposed to happen.

Photo Cutline: I did a split leap March, 27, 2016 at my house.


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Now that I have told what you need to do for dance, Come back and read my next blog about how to keep your balance while doing turns!

By: Cambria Trujillo