Improve your Dancing Skills

Nova Sauceda

Hello everyone!                               By: Nova Sauceda

I will be talking about dance because I belive that anyone that wants to learn to become a good dancer can. “God gives talent. Work transforms talent into genius.” by Anna Pavlova.

Dance is something that is very passionate.If you want to be become a very good dancer I would recommened to make a morning strech that will help you get more flexible. In your morning stretch your strechtes should not be to hard, just hold each stretch for a least 30 seconds. I would also recommened watching dance videos on youtube so you can learn dance choergraphy from watching the dance video. If you have a job, go to school or are in P.E. you could do a warm up that are strechtes to help improve your flexibility in between breaks. All it takes is three-five miniutes to do stretches if you really wanted to become an amazing dancer. Another thing to remember is that consistency is key. If you do all this hard work to become very flexible, then you just take a six month break you could lose all of your flexibilty. That is why consistency is key. Come back in week to learn how to do a stag leap.

Here are some links to learn more how to do more dance moves and morning stretches.