Ice Castles

Ice Castles

There are many things to do in the wintery months. But from skiing to winter walks, there is nothing like seeing an ice castle.

That sounds pretty nice right about now, doesn’t it? I mean, just being outside in a winter wonderland exploring a castle made out of ice? Sounds like a perfect place to go.

Ice Castle is the company that runs this show, and an amazing show at that. In the day it’s truly great, but at night it’s absolutely magnificent at night, I promise you won’t regret going.

The Ice Castle is huge! It’s overall just a wonderful place to be. They have wintery music constantly playing and it definitely adds to the magic. The castle lights up at night and it’s beautiful!

“A magical experience at a very affordable price. I had a blast and I took tons of pictures,” said Carmen V. Did she say pictures? That’s right, she did! Because the Midway Ice Castles accept photography. You can check out more great reviews like hers at .

The Ice Castle is located up by the Homestead Crater and Homestead Resort. You can buy tickets online at . You can check out more information about ice castles in this video: .

Hope to see you up there! Don’t forget to join us next time with Things to do in Midway, Utah.

Kate Cavin
People From All Around The American West Come To See The Ice Castles.
Beautiful Scenery Of Midway, Utah.
Ice Crystals In The Snow.
Kate Cavin
Side View Of Midway Ice Castles (1)


Kate Cavin                                                                                                                     Back View Of The Midway Ice Castles (2)