The Electoral College Is A Main Source Of Controversy

By Steele Smith

The United States has used the Electoral College as the way to elect the president since 1787.  This recent election has caused heated debates between people who believe this system should stay, and those who think it should be replaced by popular vote.

Donald Trump recently won the presidential election because he achieved the necessary number of electoral votes even though Hillary Clinton had more individual votes in the popular vote.  This is not the first time in history that this has happened, for example, Al Gore obtained popular vote but lost to George W. Bush, along with Samuel Tilden who lost to Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877.  

The Electoral College was traditionally used as a way to make sure candidates campaigned and had a nationwide interest in mind.  Taylor Durfey, a history teacher, believes the electoral college should stay.

“One thing [the electoral college] does is give an equal voice to people in rural areas,” he said.

Jackson Trudo, an eighth grade student, agrees with 55% of people that this system, “evens the playing field.”

“The Electoral College is a fair thing that makes small places have a say, so Donald Trump won fair and square,” Jackson noted.

Many people think that the Electoral College is the best way to elect the president.

“It was established by our founding fathers to keep checks and balances on the government,” said sixth grade social studies teacher, Audrey Withycombe.

Although there is some debate about the best voting system, the Electoral College is the system America has relied on for more than 200 years.  

Ty Yeomans, an eighth grade student, said, “Trump won because the Electoral College is the system we’ve always used.”