All About the Top 4 Free Apps of 2016

By Kate Cavin

Bitmoji. Youtube. Instagram. Messenger. These are quick, free, and fun apps used anytime, anywhere. With the help with these apps, people are connecting all over the world.


“I like bitmoji because you can design yourself and create anything you want. It gives you emojis you can’t normally use, and I use it everytime I use Snapchat,” said Bailee Selders, 6th grade.


Bitmoji is the top free app of 2016, according to iTunes. You can use it for Snapchat, texting, and more! Coming in second for the race to be number one is Youtube.


“My favorite thing about Youtube is that you can see sick tricks and fail,” said Carter Ellis, 6th grade. “You can know what’s going on, and there are so many things to watch.”


Youtube provides much over 10,000 videos, according to . Similar to Youtube, Instagram has an array of photos and videos.


“I get to see a lot of people’s pictures and you get to see other people. I like it because you can see pictures from cool places, it’s just spread around. I use Instagram every day, and all my friends use it, too,” said Jada Hardcastle, 6th grade.


On Instagram, you can send “direct messages” to any account, no matter if you follow them or not. Messages? Just like the app messenger, according to iTunes.
“I like Messenger because I can communicate and I can talk to somebody without having to say words. It’s popular because it’s new technology and its better than calling other people, so you can do it quietly,” said Olivia Bauros, 7th grade.

Kate Cavin
Hope Mendenhall enjoys a game of at DPMS on 2/14/17. (photo ID 1884)
Kate Cavin
Olivia Bauros goes to her messenger app to text her friends at DPMS 2/14/17. (photo ID 1883)
Kate Cavin
Ally Jensen designs her character on Bitmoji at DPMS on 2/14/17. (photo ID 1880)
Kate Cavin
On 2/14/17 at DPMS, Mason Burden shows us his Youtube feed. (photo ID 1881)
Kate Cavin
At DPMS on 2/14/17, Rixx Goodrich shows us a picture from @lowkeytayo. (photo ID 1882)