Learning a New Language; Mostly Pros Some Cons

By Calypso Levitre

  Students worldwide in classrooms or at home are studying a new language to learn a new culture during the school year and sometimes during vacation.


  “ It’s fun to learn the skill and I think that it will help me get a job or get into a good college,” said Ellie Bowler, 6th grade student.


 “ Learning a second language opens up a ton of career opportunities… Whatever doubts you have, you really can learn another language,” according to fluentin3months.com. These two students seem to agree.


 “The teachers have a higher expectation of you” said Grace Davis, 7th grade student.


   “It takes years of dedication and practice, periods of total immersion, and an overwhelming amount of flash cards, so we understand that at times it can seem impossible,” according to go abroad.com. Yet many students see the reward for all this hard work.


“I think learning a new language will help me in the future by allowing me to communicate with different people from different places,” said Sydney Kirkham, 8th grade student.


    According to today.yougov.com 43% of Americans say that students should learn another language. All four students alike seem to agree that it has its advantages.


“We learn how to speak and write in Spanish,” said Lauren Dunn, 7th grade student.








Calypso Levitre
Ade Muhlstein writing on a Chinese worksheet on February 24 at DPMS.
Calypso Levitre
A picture of a sentence in French on February 24 at DPMS.
Calypso Levitre
A photo of a Chinese worksheet on February 24 at DPMS.
Calypso Levitre
The 6th grade Chinese immersion classroom on February 14 at DPMS.