Are Students Reading Enough Books?

Ady Boyack


By Ady Boyack

From Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts to Katniss’s District 12. Books brings minds alive. As new technology is growing we are losing readers.

According to the  New Yorker, “Among teenagers in the recent years, reading anything serious has become a chore, like doing the laundry or preparing a meal for a kid brother,” as students excel and never get the chance to read and understand. The most popular book that still is being read would be the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games.

“I feel that reading is good when you find the right book,” said Alyda Blankenstein, 7th grader.

Students don’t read if they can’t find a book they enjoy.

“I love reading but I dont read alot because I’m super busy,” said Ali Leavitt, 7th grader.

Reading is hard to fit in busy schedules.

“Reading is not my favorite but, I’ll read if I have to,” said Arie Roberts, 7th grader.

Many students don’t like reading and prefer doing something like hanging out with friends, TV, and other outside of school activities.

“l like reading but I prefer hanging out and doing something else,” said Kennedy Kendall, 7th grader.