Required Reading is a Waste of Time

Required Reading is a Waste of Time

Ethan Webb, Photoshop Editor

Ugh. You get home and have absolutely tons of homework. You might have math, science, history, writing, and… Reading? For some people, the fact that they have to read for homework is just dumb because reading isn’t important to them. But still, English classes all over Utah are still assigning reading homework even though teenagers already read for hours a day at school.


When asked of he thinks middle schoolers should have to read as homework, Alex Smith, a sixth grade student, said “We already have to read a lot in class and I don’t think we should have to read any more.”


Alex and others feel that spending their time on reading isn’t worth the benefits that come from it. Especially if you are a slow reader, reading can be really time consuming, and all that extra homework really isn’t worth it. Not to mention the fact that even if reading is assigned, lots of students won’t read or keep track of it.


“Middle Schoolers aren’t responsible,” said Bridger Gleason, a seventh grader. “We will lose the book or the reading log or something.”


It’s true, middle schoolers do lose things a lot; and a lot of them don’t even enjoy reading.


Case McDonald, a seventh grader, said “Reading sucks. Even if it was homework I wouldn’t do it.”


Dr. Brandon Webb, MD., said “Reading is really important to getting a career started. As a doctor I have to read a ton, every day.”


Well, not all careers depend on reading a lot. Many well-paying jobs, such as a dental hygienist, don’t require much reading at all. So, should reading be required in Middle School? Probably not, because if you need reading, you can do it by yourself without a teacher having to tell you.