Book Banning Problem Grows


In some instances books are banned as well as burned.

Aaron Cox, Photo Editor

Banning books is a disputed topic worldwide today. Hundred of books get challenged and taken out each year, according to

Ethan Webb, an 8th grade student said, “Students should have the right to get the information they want.”

Many wonder if book banning is really that effective. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite; detrimental. According to the American Library Association(ALA), Harry Potter is the most banned book in America.

Henry Purser, an 8th grade student, said “It’s not good because people really need to be reading more.”

Most people only read what they want, and when the books they want are banned, they won’t read. The same people banning books also stress the importance of reading. It really is counter-intuitive. However, some think that book banning benefits students. According to, book banning violates freedom of speech.

“Book banning is important,” said, 8th grader Alex Zoumadakis. “It helps keep kids away from content they don’t want to see.”

This could be true, but when school libraries ban books that doesn’t even have that content, it’s still blocking wanted access to books. According to, schools are the biggest contributors to book banning.

Jake Dietz, an 8th grader, said “Book banning isn’t even helpful, I can get a book from lots of different places.”
Book banning isn’t good or helpful. Its keeps people from reading and learnin