Can You Escape Alcatraz Escape


Elle Adamson

Alcatraz Escape Games in Draper Utah. Febuary 15, 2017.

Elle Adamson, Newscast Editor

Alcatraz Escape Game is a series of rooms with hidden clues that need to be solved in order to get out. Rooms have different themes based on popular events and movies. Rooms include Zombie Panic, Horcrux Hysteria, and Prison Bus. It is open seven days a week.


“Alcatraz is extremely hard and scary, but totally worth it,” said Kate Wine, a seventh grader.


Wine, joins others, stating the level of hardness, with only a 19% escape rate on Prison bus, 34% on Zombie Panic, and Horcrux Hysteria, according to Alcatraz’s website.  Due to the level of difficulty it is great for team building and bonding.


Marc Riddle, a youth group leader, said, “I managed a group of 25 and couldn’t ask for a better team building experience.”


Riddle, like others had a great time, but with the lack of experience, others may not like Alcatraz as much as other escape rooms. One competitor is Mystery Escape Rooms located in Gateway, Utah. This set of rooms is more of a mystery.


“I have gone to Alcatraz and Mystery Escape. Mystery Escape was more enjoyable for me, because it wasn’t as scary and had a better selection of rooms,” said Afton Bradley, a sixth grader.


As Bradley said, some people do prefer Mystery Escape. The two places are very different. Mystery, is more expensive, but has a wider selection of rooms including Alice in Wonderland, Wild Bunch, Treasure Island, and Magical Creatures. It has won three Best in State Awards. A lot of people gave great reviews on Alcatraz due to the customer service.


Parker Washenko, a seventh grader, said, “Alcatraz was so much fun. All the workers were extremely nice and made the experience so much more fun.”