Go to the Famous Penny Ann’s


Mayci Nelson, News cast editor

Famous hot cakes, the PAC BAM Waffle, and the Stuffed French Toast; what does this remind you of? This food comes from Penny Ann’s Cafe.


“My favorite food to get at Penny Ann’s is the famous hot cakes because they are so fluffy and delicious,” said Kate Wine, a six grader.


Wine, joins Salt Lake City Tribune, Yelp.com, and pennyannscafe.com to say that the Hotcakes are the best on the menu.


“I think Penny Ann’s Cafe won the Best Cafe in Utah award because their food is really, really good,” said Afton Bradley, six grader.


Bradley, thinks that the cafe won the award because of the food, but on the other hand Penny Ann’s thinks the cafe won the award because of the comfy setting, according to pennyann’scafe.com.


“I would recommend Penny Ann’s because it has a friendly environment I would not recommend other cafe’s like Kneaders. You can not feel the warm feeling there like Penny Ann’s,” said Maggie Hart, seventh grader.


As Hart said, a lot of people enjoy Penny Ann’s Cafe over Kneaders. The two places are very different. Kneaders, does not have as big of a selection as Penny Ann’s, but does have amazing service. “Penny Ann’s has amazing service and customers rated it to have a State Award,” according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.


Parker Whaskenko, a seventh grader, said “The service there is amazing, and I love how the owner walks around telling the story about how Penny Ann’s started.”