90’s Trends Making a Fast Comeback


Mikayla Zvekan

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”

Mikayla Zvekan

 #1 High-Waisted Jeans and CROP TOPS
As you walk the halls of middle schools and high schools across the nation, you can find these popular 90’s jeans and tops in almost every girl’s closet. In all different shades and styles.


*Photo Cutline* A DPMS
student wears a
90’s outfit. With high
waisted jeans, crop top, an
a pair of high top

#2 Patchwork jeans and Floral Print
These super chic items can create an edgy look when paired together correctly. As you walk the streets you can see that, thankfully, today’s patchwork jeans certainly have died down and  aren’t as out there as they used to be. I think we all should have these trendy items in our closets.

*Photo Cutline*This DPMS student matched trendy patchwork jeans with a loose floral vest, and to top it off a pair of shiny, black, motorcycle boots.

#3 High Top Sneakers
I am dying to get a pair of these shoes in my closet. But if you are keeping up with the newest trends, you probably already have a pair of high tops in your possession. You can find a pair of these shoes in almost every shoe store.Popular high top brands are Converse, Vans, etc.

*Photo Cutline*
In the halls of DPMS, many students wear a pair of high tops on a daily basis.

#4 Shirt Around the Waist
Even though I only I tie them around my own a few plaid shirts, waist as often as I’ll let myself. I am not  the only one. Usually the most common pattern to wear is a plaid shirt, but it can be different patterns, too.

*Photo Cutline*This DMPS student wears a loose gray t-shirt, ripped jeans, white high tops, and a red plaid shirt.

#5 Chokers

 If you feel confident any choker can look good.. no, great, on you! But the most seen chokers in school halls are velvet chokers and stretchy, plastic chokers. There are tons of different types of chokers to choose from.

That’s all for this week my fashionista’s. Join me next week for a trip back to the 80’s.


My Motto: “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”




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