Students Reviewing Career Aspirations

Almost every student has a different desire for their future career. According to, about 43.7% of students plan on going to college and then fulfilling their career dreams.

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. That’s because it’s something I can be good at and they make a good salary,” said Jackson Smythe, a 7th grader from team Thor.

One of the reasons that Smythe would like to be a doctor when he grows up is because he would make a good salary. According to, Doctors and physicians make a salary of about $207,552. There are many other students that might also want to be a doctor.

“I will take math, science, and other health type of classes to prepare me,” said Sophie Salazar, 8th grader, team Heimdall.

Salazar would like to be a doctor as well. She plans on taking many classes before she actually becomes a doctor though. According to, Students can take classes in math and science-related subjects, such as chemistry, biology, physics and calculus to prepare for being a doctor. But not all students would like to be a doctor.

“My parents are both entrepreneurs and I’ve started kind of getting the concept from watching some of their work,” said Drew Mccubbins, 6th grader, team Tyr.

Mccubbins would like to be an entrepreneur when she grows up. According to, Mccubins can prepare for her future career goal by taking economics, marketing, and management classes. Not only can students take classes to prepare themselves for their future careers, teachers at the school are also helping teach students about how to achieve their career aspirations.

“I think it’s important that students know what careers are, and understand that someday they are going to have one, and kind of get an idea of what they might want to do,” said Kaylene Barney, 6th grade CTE teacher.

Barney, thinks that her students should start to get an idea of what they want their career goals to be. Students should start planning now so that they have time to achieve their full potential.