Vacation Review

Logan Alsop, Reporter

This week I will be reviewing Atlanta, Georgia. A few months ago I went to visit some relatives in Georgia. When I was in Georgia we visited a lot of  interesting places. First we went to the Atlanta Aquarium. Here there were many large and amazing animals from the smallest salamander to a large Whale Shark. According to Atlanta aquarium, they state,” We have the world’s best whale sharks. While I was at the aquarium they have a amazing Dolphin performance that is mind blowing. When we were leaving the aquarium, right across the street is a Coca cola world, you can visit that will show you how they make the sweet beverage of Coke products. And just around the corner is where you can walk on  the Canvas of Georgia Tech university. In Georgia the weather is great but there is a good amount of humidity but the weather averages around high 60s to low 80 in April to May.So I hope you have your fun in Atlanta, Georgia. Do not forget to join me next week when I do a food review and show you how to make a grilled steak dinner.