Fortnite 101

I realize everybody I have talked to plays fortnite but here is for people that haven’t played it. Fortnite is a very popular battle royal game that can take a lot of skill to win. There are usually about 100 people per game and you have to be the last person standing on the battle field. There are other games modes like 50 vs 50 but  I going to mainly focus on the battle royal game mode. So there are certain weapons to get in order to win and loot. There are grey weapons green, blue, then, purple and gold/orange. The grey tec-9 is the worst weapon in the game you don’t want to get it. Then there is the silenced mp5 which is also bad and the revolver is also bad. The grey AR is a good weapon for early game kills but you may want upgrade during the late game. The three-burst in grey is bad. Going onto green there is the silenced mp5 it is ok but may want to go for something better. There is a tactical submachine gun in the greens that is pretty good for close encounters and for fast shooting. The green tactical shotgun is also very good. Then there is blue, blue has some really good weapons starting with the tactical shot is very good also the tactical sub is also good. The bolt-action sniper is very good and if you good land a headshot on someone then that could be an instant kill. Then there is purple that has the semi sniper which is ok but still good and the tactical sub and shot you would want to get those two. Going onto the gold. There is the bolt-action which is just an amazing weapon. There is the machine gun and the scar. The scar is what you want. The blue AR can match up with the gold scar but it would be best to go with the scar. Then the pumps. The pumps are so good even there is not even a blue in it. There is a grey and green pump but the are amazing one shot in a headshot is very good. Then there is loot. There is just the average bandages and mini shields that can only go to 50 shield. There is big shields  that fill up 50 each big shield. There is a med kit that fills full health but takes a while to use then there is a chug-jug that is very good it gives full health and shield. Well that about it I know there is names and boogie bombs but I don’t want to type anymore. I know I missed some weapons I just listed so of the important ones.