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Fortnite For Parents

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It is here the new trend in gaming is here! Fortnite is sweeping the state of Utah. some of the termanology you will hear is…

Bush camper: the act of hiding inside of a bush and letting enemys run past you.

Where are we spawning?: in fortnite you can chose where you spawn there are mutiple places.

Chest: a rare object that if found will give you lots of good guns and amo

Sniper: a high powerd long range rifle that will deal a lot of damage to opponents if head shoted

Tilted Towers: a popular place to land in the game Fortnite

Scar: a high powerd medeum range rifle that is arguably the best gun in the game

V-Bucks: the currency in the game

Chug Jug: a large barrel that will restore 100 health and 100 shield

these are some of the things that you will hear from your children that play fortnite use these to hold up a conversation with your children.


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Fortnite For Parents