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80’s band Yaz’s “Upstairs at Eric’s album review




Being the 80’s lover I am, from the totally tubular music to the pegged pants, you’d expect I’d have a favorite 80’s band. And yes, asamatter of fact I do. That band would be Yazoo, (referred to as “Yaz” in America for legal reasons.). I have not learned an easier way to do it yet, but I have quietly sat through about an hour of carefully recording every song from the Upstairs at Eric’s album onto my cassette player. Unfortunately, so far I have only heard every song from the Upstairs at Eric’s album, Iv’e heard no other albums or songs yet. Yaz is a British new wave band involving synth and a drum beat and an amazing result of Alison Moyet’s smooth voice and

Vince Clarke’s tough voice. It also involves a lot of Vince’s voice repeating several random phrases throughout a couple songs such as Bad connection, In my room, and I before E except after C. I before E except after C is a weird one, It talks through the entire thing with occasional synth sounds and drunken laughter in the background, in a somewhat musical way. I’d say the song was, frankly, a bit annoying. Most of the songs this album are really good. This  album also features the song “Situation”, known to many as a stereotypical 80’s hit. My favorite songs on the album are “In my room”, “Don’t go”, “Goodbye seventies”, “Situation”, “Bring your love down”, and “Winter kills”. Before you go and listen to the album, I’d like to inform you that another strange song is Winter kills”, it is a great song but it is very depressing. The song is about a depressed person with seasonal affective disorder and how they describe winter as “killing them”. They also seem to want to somehow “harm” winter as seen in the lyrics “I’ll tear at you searching for weaker seams”. Yes, what your thinking is true, Yaz is an extremely strange band. But their music will suck you right in and you will love it.

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80’s band Yaz’s “Upstairs at Eric’s album review

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