A Dream Vacation to Fiji!

A Dream Vacation to Fiji!

Ryan, Contributor

If I was able to set up a dream vacation by myself, I would definitely go to Fiji! I would want to go to Namale Private Beach. I desire to go to this specific place because of its amazingly rated beaches and other activities, and because of its clear, turquoise water. Last year, I went to Kawaii, and I loved it so much, so I want to go on another trip like it.  If I could go with anyone I want, I would want to go with my parents and one of my friends (I’m still debating which one…). I would want to stay at this Namale Resort . I chose this specific resort because it has everything I need! It has a hot tub, cool view, great cafe’s, cozy beds, and so much more! The time of year I would want to go to Namale would be in September. The reason I would like to go this exact month is because September is when the weather is sunny and warm!

More about the beach activities… Some activities include scuba diving, tide-pools/reef walks, golfing by the coast, water-sports, horseback riding, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

So… If you get to go on a trip of your choice, go to Namale Fiji!



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Namale Fiji Credit to: Flickr