Mattel’s Minecraft Mini-figures

Evan, Contributor

Mattel has these great Minecraft collectibles called MINECRAFT MINI-FIGURES! I have been collecting these since I was 6, and they are the coolest! Minecraft Mini-figures are these small little replicas of stuff from the game Minecraft, and you can collect them and it is a lot of fun.

There are currently 12 series. Each series contains a special lot of new mini-figures. There are different types of each figure though, for example: Series 1: Steve? (With gold armor) Series 2: Steve? (With TNT) Series 3: Steve? (With diamond armor). But each figure looks different.

In each series, there are 4 special figures that are exclusive in the mystery packs, and the 3 packs.

Mattel released a Stop Motion Studio for the Minecraft Mini-figures. You also download an app by Mattel for it. And you can make cool little movies with your figures.

Minecraft Mini-figures are great collectibles and they are a lot of fun. I highly suggest you start collecting them if you like Minecraft. (Although, If you start collecting them now, don’t go for series 1-3. 1 figure can be like $50!)

Picture of Alex Minifigure in grass outside.