Life Hacks

Kenna, Contributor

1: If you want to make your music louder when you don’t have a speaker, go to settings, then click the music setting fine EQ under playback, then click late night. here’s just a little tip on how to make your music louder.

2: If you want to get rid of spiders or mice use peppermint oil. Put some peppermint oil into a spray bottle and spray your house or plants.

Peppermint leafs from Martin Fischer flickr

3: How to remove permanent marker from things.

Walls : Use Toothpaste or  Hairspray.

Clothes: Use Hand Sanitizer.

Carpet: Use Whit Vinegar.

Markers from annagrama rdzM on flickr

4: Use bread ties to organize your cords.

Cables picture taken by kenna

There are some life hacks you can us in your everyday life.