TruMoo™️, DPMS’s Milk of Choice


TruMoo Milk Cartons Source: Flickr by U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ben, Contributor

As most of you know, DPMS’s chocolate milk provider is TruMoo. On the back of each milk carton there is a cheesy joke. Sometimes they’re OK, other times they’re just… terrible.

TruMoo Joke – Source: Ben

I know that these jokes are supposed to make TruMoo more popular, but honestly they just make us laugh at TruMoo… not the jokes. I mean the joke above has been on the milk cartons since school started and to me that’s just ridiculous. Like I think people would enjoy the jokes more if they were longer and had more jokes than 1 every month. Maybe they could add riddles, which would make the back of the carton more interesting.

The milk cartons are also very tiny. Like you can drink it in two gulps. So NEVER and I repeat NEVER get TruMoo milk when you’re eating spicy foods. You’ll regret it after the third bite. Your mouth will be on fire but you can’t put it out because you already finished the entire carton. TruMoo even knows that there cartons are small. On the milk it says “Half Pint”. For those of you that forgot how much that is, it’s only one cup. One cup is 250mL also known as not that much.¬†They say half a pint because sounds a lot better than 1 cup. Which I think is misleading.

You trying to rely on TruMoo when eating spicy foods – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Now on to the two last review points. The look of the carton and the taste. The carton looks pretty good (Besides the joke on the back). I like the blue and brown indicating that is is chocolate milk but I also like the way you open the cartoon, and it makes it really easy to open the carton and start drinking. Now what you’ve all been waiting for, the review on taste. The chocolate milk is pretty good, it’s creamy and is pretty rich. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about the taste so congrats TruMoo. Overall I would rate TruMoo chocolate milk 7.5/10. I think they have to improve on the amount of new jokes and the size of their milk cartons. If you guys want to send a joke to TruMoo you can here. Maybe you guys can come up with better jokes to put on the back of TruMoo Milk.