Marvel Infinity Wars


Avengers Infinity Wars Made by Junaidrao via Tublr

Nirali , Contributor

Many Marvel fans know that recently, the newest Marvel movie, Infinity Wars came out, and many people were so excited to go and watch it. Spoiler Alert!  This movie had almost all of the Marvel heroes such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, the Black Panther crew, etc. and Thanos was the main villain.  It kept most viewers on the edge of their seats for the whole time and the entire movie was full of suspense and action.  On top of that, even if you don’t like Marvel movies, Infinity Wars is full of humor and will still entertain you.  This movie was liked by 95% of those who watched it, and I would definitely rate it at 5 stars.  It was rated 86% rotten tomatoes and 91% popcorn which is really good.

In this movie, the Marvel superheroes work together to stop Thanos from getting the six infinity stones; space, reality, power, mind, time, and soul.  All these stones are hidden but Thanos will do anything to get them.  Thanos is already super strong and powerful but with all of these, he would becomes the most powerful being in the universe.  He wants to wipe out half of the universe and with all this power, he could have the power to do just that.   Many unanswered questions from previous movies are answered and many backstories are now shown.  Throughout the movie, the Marvel superheroes come together and try everything they can to stop Thanos, no matter how much stronger he gets.  Lots of characters, including some superheroes die, but that is where watchers get into the movie and become more passionate about their favorite.  Overall, I think this movie is really good and if you like suspense and action you will too.