Incredibles 2 Review

Sophie, Contributor

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If you haven’t seen Incredibles 2, you really should. In this movie, Elastigirl is sent on a special mission, while Mr. Incredible and the 3 kids are staying in a big mansion. As a dad, Mr. Incredible tries to take care of the kids on his own, while Elastigirl is out saving the world. But, there is a creepy bad guy called “The Screenslaver”. This movie was really funny and really cool, but there was one scene that got me scared. (Wait until you watch the movie, and you’ll see why). This movie was a good movie: super action-packed and really cool. If I were to choose between the first movie and this movie, I would choose the first movie, because I think the first one’s funnier. If you are looking for a good movie to watch with your family, this one’s a good one.