Three Dark Crowns Review

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Allie, Contributor

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This book by Kendare Blake is super good. In the book, there is an island where each generation the ruling queen has a set of triplets. In order to earn the throne, one sister will have to kill her sisters in the year they will be crowned. Each one of the sisters is one of three groups of people: an elemental, power over elements; a naturalist, power over animals and plants; or a poisoner, an immunity to all poisons. The triplets born in this generation are Katharine, the poisoner; Arsione, the naturalist; and Mirabella, the elemental. Mirabella is said to be the chosen queen because of how powerful she is compared to her sisters. With many twists and people with amazing abilities, Three Dark Crowns is one of the best books you will ever read. If you’re looking for a book to read, Three Dark Crowns is an amazing choice.