Being super Authentic and Natural☀︎

Picture of waterfall in the forest. 
Credit google royalty free photos.

Picture of waterfall in the forest. Credit google royalty free photos.

Amanda , Contributor

Some things that we are using or doing are unnatural and harm our bodies and the environment.

Here are five things we can do to help be more natural:

1. Reduce plastic! A lot of people might be getting annoyed of everyone saying this, but it’s so so important. Be sure you recycle, but that’s never going to be enough! Some things you can do: get a bamboo toothbrush, don’t use plastic bags, etc.

2. Watch what you eat! There are so many unnatural chemicals in foods that are super harmful to you. One of these chemicals that is bad for you is MSG. Watch for this chemical as it is literally everywhere. I think that we need to eat less snacks and more meals. I personally need to work at this. I eat so many snacks during the day. I love cheez- its. Honestly  I think I could live on cheez-its. It used to have MSG but then a while ago I think they took it out. I was so happy because my mom finally let us buy it. Although I love Cheez-Its, I feel like it’s time for me to eat more meals.  Kids think that it’s fine to skip meals but it is actually really scary. We need a balance of protein, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Working out! There’s not a lot to be said for this one. All there is to be said is to just be active. Now for me this comes naturally because I dance a lot. You don’t actually have to go to the gym to work out, you can just be doing any kind of sport to count as a work out. A lot of kids do sports which is good, so keep it up. Give up your Netflix show and get active!

4. Stretching! You absolutely need to stretch! Most people don’t stretch because they feel it is unneeded. Not the case at all. You should be stretching whenever you have five to ten minutes of time. If you don’t stretch your muscles they will tighten, which is super unhealthy for you. You especially should stretch the more active you’re going to be. If you don’t stretch, one harmful side effect could be dislocating something, snapping your ankle, or (a little less intense but still very painful) pulling a muscle.

5. Another scary thing is screens. A lot of people can’t give up their phones or other electronics. This is super scary. I recently watched Walle. I think that if we continue to keep up our screens we will become like the fat people. Just kidding. Just be careful with your screen time. Also, don’t have screens past 9:00 PM.  It will make it harder to sleep, which for most teenagers is hard! Also try to give up your phone for a week. I did this once and honestly I felt like I had a different perspective of the world. I was spending more time in the world. I hung out with my friends more, I tried new things, and talked to new people. Just try it!

I think that people think that being more natural is hard, but honestly it’s super easy if you start paying attention to yourself.