Life Hacks!

These are some life hacks that you need doing everyday things. Here are some top five life hacks, that you will use daily. 

#1 Ice cubes get wrinkles out of your clothes: Put two or three ice cubes along with your clothes in the dryer. The ice will eventually turn to steam and it takes the wrinkles right out!

Photo taken by Kenn Wilson.


#2 Make your phone volume louder!: if you put your phone in a cup or a bowl, the sound waves will echo and it will be much louder. It’s an easy thing if you don’t have a speaker on hand.

#3 Never loose your headphones again!: Many people are constantly losing headphones, instead of keeping them in your backpack, where they can get tangled or lost, keep them in an old container.

#4 Troubles with waking up: place your alarm clock across the room, so when you wake up, you have to get up to turn it off. Then you will be awake and alert in the mornings.

#5 Nails!: Before you paint your nails, put the nail polish in the fridge for 10-20 minutes, and it will go on smoother. When you are done painting your nails put your hands under cold water and they will dry faster!   

There you go, now you can use these five life hacks!!