The Last Guest: A Sad ROBLOX Movie/Video.

Evan, Contributor

Photo Credit: Fan-art by a fan of ObliviousHD and The Last Guest

If you have not watched The Last Guest, then please… watch it because there will be a lot of spoilers in this post.

Now with that outta the way, Let’s Begin! Now if you play ROBLOX, you would know that Guests were removed from ROBLOX last year. It made a lot of people sad, but some you-tubers like ObliviousHD have taken advantage of the loss of guests and have made Movies and Music Videos.

The Last Guest is clearly my favorite. Now, like I said, This will include spoilers as I will be explaining the story. So if you haven’t watched it, then go watch it!

The Last Guest is about a little boy named Guest. He was born during a time of terrorism and murder against guests from a terrorist organization known as The Bacon Empire/Bacon Soldier Terrorists. During Guest’s first day of school, he is picked on because he is one of the few remaining guests. But then his parents say something that is one of the biggest parts of the story. “Be Strong” The Dad says and then the Mom chimes in and says, “Always Be Strong.”

After this scene they are at the park, and Guest is playing around while his parents monitor him. And then they find the general of the Bacon Empire with a gun pointed at them. The Dad tries to convince the General to spare them, but before the Dad can finish his sentence, without hesitation, the General guns both the Mom and the Dad down, killing them. Guest then hides in the playground. After the General leaves, it starts to rain as Guest starts crying over his parents’ dead bodies.

Then it shows Guest at his former home, waiting for the orphanage to come get him. He is watching the news about his parents’ death, and we find out about the Bacon Empire.

The next scene is Guest waking up in the orphanage, he is a little confused but then remembers that he is now an orphan. We then meet Daisy who takes Guest to the park. (This scene is kinda weird because it takes place at what seems to be the park where Guest’s parents died.) Guest is playing with a basketball, and sees something terrible… Daisy is getting bullied by a group of boys. She gets kicked to the ground. Guest tells them to leave her alone. And he then gets a black eye after picking a fight. We then meet Mark who fends off the bullies. The next scene…..


You’re gonna need to watch the video for the rest of the story…


This is a picture of a Bacon Soldier. The reason why they are called this is because their hair looks like a pile of bacon.