September Book Fair


Photo credit: Logan and Autumn

Logan and Autumn

    Why do we have the book fair? The book fair is a yearly event run by Ms. Arbon, who is the head librarian. The book fair is open September twenty fifth through the twenty sixth at the DPMS media center.  Ms. Arbon said,” It is a opportunity to see books in another way, and to expose kids to different books. The kids might find different books that they enjoy.”  Our school earns some money through the book fair.  The money gets split between Scholastic, (the sponsor of the book fair) and the library in our school for purchasing more books.
     Some books that have caused interest are, horror books, Guinness World Record books, Brave New Girl, short stories/books, The Maze Runner, and a Fortnite book. Some books the teachers want for their classrooms are, Pusheen the Cat, Dash, Sisters, and Darkest Mind. If you miss the Book Fair this time, you can look forward to it at  student led conferences in the Spring.
     The book fair is a great way to find new interests and things you like about books. There are a lot of books and genres to look at. You can get out of your comfort zone and read a different kind of book. There are also many little trinkets you can buy to make the experience better!
Photo of Ms. Arbon
Photo credit: Logan and Autumn