School Store Closes!


The School Store is now a place where you can rent sports equipment for recess. Source: Ben P. and JJ P.

Ben and JJ

This year, Draper Park Middle School got rid of their school store. Each team now has the responsibility of creating and running their own individual stores. Some people enjoy the new team stores and believe it is a great replacement to the school store but other students have serious concerns.

Draper Park closed the school store due to expense and maintenance. Food expired, and kids had problems with cutting in line and demanding free things from the people who worked there. Chase R, a 7th grade student, expressed her own concerns by saying, “A lot of people cut a lot and it’s not really fair because everyone has been waiting for quite a while.”

Most kids are very angry at the school for closing the school store. The prices are higher with the new system. Jackson B. from team Freyr expressed that the prices are, “… way different for Freyr. Chips cost 15 [Courage Cards]… I think that is a little bit much.” On the other hand, vice principal Mr. Seltz expressed, “[We made the team stores to] make sure that money spent on items are going to reward students.” In the old system only a select bunch used the school store, and the rest either didn’t care or didn’t have the time to use it.

One of the new advantages of the team stores is that students are able to more directly influence what is in the stores. Teams have already conducted polls to find out what candy is the most popular and should be included in the team store. The 7th grade assistant principal stated, “Students can vote on it [Candy in the school store and]… make it more democratic.” However, some teams only do raffles and don’t have polls for students to vote on the candy or other prizes.

Last year, student council members worked at the school store up to 3 times a month. Derek R, who worked at the school store while in 7th grade stated, “It was cool for the students to have a responsibility to work in there.” The new 6th grade student council members wouldn’t have the same experience. However, other Student Council members expressed their concerns that they felt pressured and hurried while working there, because the store got very busy.

Kids are still skeptical of the new system, but there are many solutions. If the teams change the prices, find some good prizes, and let the students choose what is in the team store, it will surely develop into a better system.