DPMS Kindness Campaign

Ella and Sophie

The kindness campaign is a campaign our school counselors have come up with last year to help spread kindness throughout our school. The counselors prepare lessons once a month to be shown in classes. There are 2 short lessons a month which might be a video or other media source. It is used to help students be more kind to each other, and hopefully keep this school bully­free. Ms. Montoya, 6th grade counselor, said, “The kindness campaign is for students to practice kindness.” The kindness campaign is very important, because without it, we would have more bullying. Bullying is very common, and very wrong, which is also why we have the kindness campaign. Jannah Arab, a 7th grader, said, “It helps prevent depression.” Ellie Mills, an 8th grader, said, “It helps people be happier and nicer to others,” Other students, like 8th grader Lauren Ashton and 7th grader Ashlyn Hicks said, “It helps prevent bullying and encourages students to be more kind,” At DPMS, October is anti­bullying month.  The counselor’s will show a video, and teach the first two lessons. Hopefully the kindness campaign will get students thinking about being more kind and being more aware of others around them.