Estella and Peyton

Do you enjoy being thrilled?  If so, Frightmares is perfect for you! Frightmares is in Lagoon in Farmington, Utah. It has over nine haunted attractions and you can still do all your favorite rides! Frightmares starts  now and is open until October 30, 2018. There are haunted ghosts that walk around the park and scare you. If you are not big on getting scared, you can buy a glow stick for one dollar and carry it around.  If you have a  glow stick, they know not to scare you.  This is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Keini, a student at our school, said about the attractions, “There are scary ones just for Halloween.” Hadley, another student,  said, “there are clowns and zombie attractions.”  Paris, a DPMS student, said there were, “clowns and vampires.”

When we asked which haunted house was their favorite, all three students said that the clown house was and the scariest. 

We asked them how they know how scary they are and  Keini said that he “was so scared he freaked out,” Hadley said “there are ratings,” and Paris said she “doesn’t get scared.”

 We asked them if they would go again and Keini said “Definitely not”, Hadley said “Yes”, and Paris said “No.”

We would definitely go again and we would recommend it! Happy Scaring!!