FACS 6th


Mrs. Saltmarsh’s FACS 6, 2nd period class photo credit: Emma H.

Emma H. and Kennedy S., Contributor

The new elective, FACS 6th is a combination of FACS A and B that is only for 6th graders.

Mrs. Saltmarsh, the FACS 6 teacher, said that the main units are foods/nutrition, fashion/sewing, and interior design.  She stated that the class will “absolutely be a popular class in the future.”  She plans to teach FACS 6 at DPMS for many years!

At the moment, Mrs. Saltmarsh is teaching interior design. All the students are having so much fun creating digital houses.

Rozhin B.:

  “I like it, it’s one of my favorite classes.”

Joseph G.:

“ My favorite thing we have done so far is designing rooms- we get to add walls and put in whatever we want.”

Tate J.:

 “ I took this class because we get to eat food.”

Lila C.:

 “ If I take another FACS class in 7th grade, it would be FACS A.”