Ballroom Class

Ballroom Class

Kenna and Malana

Ballroom is a fun class where you get to dance with a partner ( boys dance with girls ) and you learn a lot of dances like the ChaCha, the Waltz, the Foxtrot, the Swing, and many others.  This is a very active class, getting to learn new dances and technique. When you take ballroom you’ll be able to know how to dance for future events like prom and other things like that. Ballroom also lets you gain important social skills.

Teegan J 8th grade – ” I heard ballroom was super fun so I decided to take it. I like it because its fun and active.”
Brody W. 8th grade – ” It’s a lot of fun and I like it. People will respect you because you know how to dance.”


Tyler T 8th – ” Its great, and it’s one of the best things known to man. I would be ecstatic because I love dancing, it’s just a passion of mine.”
Sorrelle N -6th Grade:
“I think ballroom dance is weird, but I’d be excited to be in that class because it would be fun.”
Ashlyn H -7th Grade: “It’s cool because it’s fun. I’d be excited to take it, but upset because it would be awkward”


Kale D -7th Grade: “It seems weird, and I’d be upset if I was forced to take ballroom.”
Bentlee B -8th Grade:
“ I think it’s cool and fun to learn. I would be really excited because I can have more opportunities to know dances for future events.”