Bringing Back ASL!

Bringing Back ASL!

Ryan, Rylan, and Trace

ASL (American Sign Language) is a type of language that is used by people of all ages who are deaf, or hard of hearing. This is a club at DPMS that is very fun, interesting, and a great experience with different types of languages! VOTE FOR CLUB ASL!

Why should we have ASL? How is it helpful? The reason we really want to bring ASL back is because there are people who cannot hear, but are able to communicate by using American Sign Language (ASL). And lots of people who we interviewed all voted for the idea to bring it back. Sign Language is very critical to deaf people because they can’t talk since they can’t hear themselves or anything else. That is why we should continue the process of ASL! 

Follow through! If you agree with the amazing idea of restoring the ASL club, tell your friends all about it! When you get your friends interested, tell Ryan W., Trace O., or Rylan Q., and we will talk to administration about bringing ASL back to a club!

Kenzie Zimmerman, an ASL Club Past Participant and Fan, she said, “I would recommend it because it allows people/kids to learn about the language and culture of ASL.”  Sage Griffiths, an ASL Club Past Participant and Fan, stated, “I would prefer it because it can be very helpful if you want to learn the language. I wanted to take it so I can communicate with deaf people.”

Cache Miller, the ASL club leader last year, stated, “I liked it a lot and I enjoyed watching people try to communicate in this different language, and it is fun to communicate with others when they can sign.”

Kenzie Z
Sage G
Cache M