October Book Club

Randii, Contributor

Book Club is held once a month in the library with Ms. Arbon. At the beginning of the month, a book is chosen, and the students who signed up read it and meet in the library to discuss it during lunch. In book club you meet during lunch, they provide food, you discuss the book, play games and have raffles. To join book club, you just fill out the sign up sheet by Maggie’s desk in the library. Typically, 15-20 people are in book club per month. Ms. Arbon said that her favourite part about book club is hearing the student’s opinion on the books they read. She thinks it’s very interesting to hear what they felt and thought. This month, Ms. Arbon chose the book The Great Trouble by Deborah Hopkinson. Book club will be held on November 8th, a little later than usual, because the book was picked late.