Are Courage Cards Worth the Effort?

Are Courage Cards Worth the Effort?

Carson and Julian

Many people have noticed that “Courage Cards” have gone down in worth over the summer. This has Become a problem at DPMS. The school store has been closed, and It doesn’t look like it’s coming back. Most students and even some teachers want the school store to come back.

Some teachers  give out more courage cards than others on different teams. Some teachers give out Courage cards “Willy-Nilly”, While other teachers are very picky as to who they give their courage cards to. 8th grade U.S History teacher on team Heimdall, Mr. Collette, says that “He gives courage cards to people who are early to class”. I was outraged to hear that in order for us to earn courage cards we have to give up our already short passing periods. Just for a small prize or a piece of candy.

Courage Cards are a great way to reward students.They get rewarded for their good behavior. 6th Grade teacher Mr. Armstrong says that “Students have a good incentive to do good work”.The school drawing is a great example of this. The more courage cards a student puts into the drawing the better chance they have of winning a prize. Many teams have school stores for kids to spend their courage cards at.

Is the behavior of students good enough to justify the money spent on courage card? When Mr. Armstrong was asked about this he said “It’s important to reward students for their good efforts”. Many of the prizes that are “sold” for courage cards are very cheap to buy. Many of the teachers buy them bulk on Amazon. This is  good and bad. While teachers may get students to behave For very little actual money, students aren’t as motivated to earn courage cards to buy these cheap items. The Courage card program is a good Idea, but some think it doesn’t have the funding to work out.