8th Grade Outsiders Day


This picture is of a bunch of greasers!

Megan, Adelle, and Sophie

After reading the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, 8th graders got to watch the movie and have a breakfast described in the book. They had the option to dress up as either a Greaser or a Soc. Greasers are the lower class. They wear leather jackets/jean jackets and grease their hair. Socs are the west side rich kids who jump and beat up Greasers as often as they can. Outsiders day took place on Thursday, October 11 during 2nd and 3rd period. The breakfast included a chocolate cupcake and either Pepsi or chocolate milk. After they ate, they went into the auditorium to watch the movie. The students who dressed up the best on each team, as a Greaser or a Soc, won a prize. Students loved the book and thought that Outsiders day made it even better.