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Chase R. working on her mask for an art project.

JJ and Ben

Art class is a great way to learn more about art, create awesome projects, and is overall awesome class to take. The teachers are awesome at teaching. Students at DPMS always say they have a great time in art and they love their teachers. They also are able to create unique projects in class and they improve drastically over the course of the class.

Chase R is a 7th grader taking Art 1 with Mrs. Schott. When asked why she loves taking Art 1, she stated, “We get to work on cool projects and right now we’re working on masks, which is my favorite.” Many students, like Chase, have similar experiences with the class. They are able to express their creativity which is very hard to do while in middle school.

When Mrs. Thompson, an art teacher at Draper Park, was asked why she loves teaching, she responded by saying, “[I love] teaching people how to work with their hands and allowing them to make something unique by themselves.” The students do awesome clay projects, especially in Ceramics, using special glazes and paint.

To wrap up, art class is super fun with nice teachers. If you are interested currently our art teachers are offering Art 1, Art 2, Ceramics 1, and Comm Art. If you love creating super creative projects, you should definitely consider taking art next year, all the way to high school.