National I Care About You Day


Randii, Contributor

October 25 is National I Care About You Day. This is a day made to show people that you care about them. It’s not a very widespread day, but it should be. It’s very important to show people you care. I interviewed Maggie, who works in the library. Here are her thoughts on this day:

Why do you think this day is important?

It’s important to let people know that they are important in order to make them feel good about themselves and point out their positive traits.

Why do you think this day should be more widespread?

It would make the world a better place. You would see more people with smiles and less angry and unhappy people.

How do you think this day can improve other people’s lives?

By setting them on a path of confidence instead of a path of disappointment.

Then, I interviewed Brooklyn Larson, a student at DPMS who has always been very kind and caring. Here’s what she thought:

How do you thing caring about someone affects them?
I think it makes them feel good and it lets them know that people care about them and want to be around them.

Why do you think letting people know you care is important?

To show them you like them and that they’re important.

Do you think it’s important to care about everyone?

Yes because it’s part of showing empathy towards others and you’re being kind. You feel better when you show empathy and that you care.

You should always take the time to show people you care about them, no matter what the day is. Love is very important and being a caring person will help you and the people around you. There are many ways to give back to people and to show you care.