End of Daylight Savings 2018

Eliza and Brooklyn

November 4th, on a Sunday night, most everyone will be setting back their clocks one hour for the end of daylight savings. Finally that amazing day has come, where everyone gets to wake up an hour later to get to our jobs and to school. Daylight savings started during WW1 and was used to conserve fuel needed for war industries and to extend the working day. This was only supposed to be temporary but the congress and government never changed it. So now on the first Sunday of March, every year, we start our daylight savings. This makes it so we wake up later and go to bed earlier. However, now that we have to end daylight savings, not everyone’s super excited. Even though we get out of bed later, it becomes darker earlier in the day. This causes us to come home earlier because it is harder to see while driving in the dark.

Although most of America has to go through Daylight Savings, some places don’t. These places are, Hawaii, most of Arizona, and other islands and territories of the U.S. Although Daylight Savings can be a hassle, it can also be beneficial. People tend to be outside more when it’s light. Many say that it encourages us to get things done earlier in the day. Also when we have more energy and light in the morning, we tend to drive better.

However you feel about daylight savings, don’t forget to set your alarm an hour earlier this Sunday, November 4th.