Winter Dance Concert

Winter Dance Concert

Kenna and Malana

The winter dance concert is going to be Grinch themed. There are going to be so many fun dances. The dancers are starting to work on their dances to get ready for the concert.  Below are some students at DPMS sharing their thoughts on the upcoming concert.

Tyler : I’m so excited, I really like the Grinch so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Everest: I didn’t know it was coming up, but it sounds cool and fun because it’s fun seeing classmates perform.


Teegan: I am excited because the dancers always do a good job performing.
Peyton: I am very excited because I love all the new dances that we are learning.
Mrs. Wilson: It’s going to be a really fun Christmas show with a lot of variety. There is going to be hip hop, ballroom and so much more.
Brynlee (right):”It’s going to be a lot of fun!”                   Abi (left): “I’m excited to share what we’ve been practicing!”