Courage Club at DPMS: How has it Affected Students at DPMS?

Ella Zern and Julie Cornell

Courage Club has been extremely effective for numerous kids at Draper Park Middle School in helping them to see the results of their hard work and feel accomplished. The journalism class at DPMS went out and asked students if Courage Club was effective and how they have seen it affect others. Many students said that it was extremely effective in helping them achieve success in school and that they have seen positive changes in their friends and peers. We also went and asked students what they would change in Courage Club if they had that power. Several students at DPMS said they would add more students to the club, while others say they wouldn’t change anything.

Each week, the teams give the assistant principals the names of two students who exemplify one or more aspects of our COURAGE code. Students are showcased in the weekly video announcements, receive prizes, and receive a positive phone call home.

To start, students at Draper Park Middle School feel like Courage Club has been efficient in changing not only their grades and behavior but also their peers’. Many kids also say Courage Club has also been necessary at DPMS school for several causes. One example provided by eighth-grader Kathryn Linkous stated, “Courage Club is necessary for our school because it makes us improve our grades and attitude towards our school in more positive and uplifting ways.” This quote interprets that, to some students at Draper Park Middle School, Courage Club changes their outlook on their school and peers. Courage Club creates a positive learning environment that allows students to view hard work in school as a positive trait. Courage Club students want to have better grades and have better behavior towards other students and teachers at DPMS.

Courage Club made various kids feel significantly influenced. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders now strive harder to do better in school. Sixth-grader Presley Jackson, a student who received a Courage Club nomination in the past, was asked to describe how receiving the Courage Club nomination feels like. He stated, “Receiving and being able to get in Courage Club at Draper Park Middle made me feel important and made me feel that my hard work in all of my classes paid off.” This explains that undergoing the recognition of Courage Club makes you feel acknowledged and supported by the staff and others of DPMS. Furthermore, Courage Club makes 6th grader Presley Jackson and countless other students at Draper Park Middle School feel acknowledged for doing wonderfully in school.

To conclude, Courage Club has benefited students at Draper Park Middle School and has enhanced a better school due to Courage Club. Courage Club has transformed students and peers at DPMS. Courage Club isn’t something to just award students but helps improve self-confidence and grades.