Ms. Price is the New Assistant Principal at DPMS

Ella Zern and Julie Cornell

Ms. Price is the new assistant principal at Draper Park Middle school. She is always helping students with school needs or helping make them feel more valued in school. Many students have said that she has been extremely effective towards them or has seen a change at Draper Park Middle School.

Ms. Price began her time here at DPMS strong. She has already shown her love and support for students by being at the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons, making sure that students do not miss their buses. She also is consistently in the hallways, talking to students and getting to know them better.

To begin, Ms. Price has influenced aspects of Draper Park Middle School that have helped many students at Draper Park. She has created a safe place at school and has made students feel safer. The school has that many students have changed to become better due to how she treats them and others with kindness and respect at all times.

For instance, seventh-grader Eliza explains that she has seen that Ms. Price has been extremely interactive with students and has made various “feel comfortable and safe”. In other words, Ms. Price is an amazing addition to DPMS. She has been an outstanding character to help Draper Park Middle and is continually trying to change the school and students’ actions for the better. She also helps by showing how she cares as she interacts with the kids of all grades at DPMS.

      Additionally, the overall opinion of students towards Ms. Price has shown that she has been a very effective person in our staff. Ms. Price has been a very effective person by solving most of the problems and needs of Draper Park Middle School. She has helped multiple students such as Kaleb Tibbets who stated, “Ms. Price has helped me and some of my peers with our needs and problems in many ways.” As you can see, Ms. Price has caused a more positive and assertive impact on the students and DPMS.      

   Overall, Ms. Price has made many changes for the better at Draper Park Middle. She has also helped students meet some of their essential needs. According to many of the students who attend DPMS, Ms. Price has been an amazing addition to the school and has improved the connection with kids and the way students feel at school. Ms. Price has also helped make a trustworthy and uplifting environment for the students at Draper Park Middle School. She has always shown kindness and has been super influential to many and has helped several with their needs. Many students have seen how she treats others and how she helps students in a kind and fun way. Welcome to Draper Park Middle, Ms. Price!