Wave Goodbye Principal Anderson

Austin Dupriest

Sadly, this year Principal Anderson is leaving DPMS. She has been an awesome principal. Ms. Anderson said that the best part of her job is “when students are successful and achieve.” This outstanding principal cares and wants all students to achieve. Principal Anderson has many different hobbies she likes: quilt making, water skiing, snow skiing, traveling, cooking classes, and making stained glass.

However, some parts of her job can be stressful. Principal Anderson stated, “Resolving issues within groups can be stressful, especially when they don’t agree.” When the vice principals are dealing with the students, Principal Anderson deals with the PTA curriculum and with money in the school. Principal Anderson is very good at organizing; she even manages the homepage for the Draper Park Middle School website.

Principal Anderson works well with her co-workers. Many co-workers have said about her that it is “excellent” working with her and she treats them kindly. Principal Anderson has been a fabulous addition at this school for all the years she has been here. Sorrowfully, this is Principal Anderson’s final year being a principal for Draper Park Middle School.

Principal Anderson has done several exceptional things like organizing the school board and making activities to make sure we can do fun activities and help people in sorrow. She has also made sure that everyone is ok and that they are not upset and make sure this school does not waste money. These are some of the numerous exceptional things Principal Anderson does for this school. This school is very sad to see her leave.