Clarifying the Dress Code

Meg Jackson

Draper Park Middle School has a very clear dress code. Numerous schools outside Canyons School District have different dress codes. Several have uniforms, but at Draper Park Middle School, we have a rather simple dress code. In our dress code, we are not permitted to wear hats, gang signs, show stomachs, shoulders, or upper thighs. 

These rules may seem very difficult, but if you compare this to certain charter or private schools, it is not as bad. Charter schools have a stringent uniform and they could get detention if they don’t obey it. Cindy Henzi said, “When you go to other countries, they have a very strict dress code and if you look at their grades, they have higher grades, they have higher grades and less naughtiness.” In other words, our dress code is nothing compared to the way other schools dress and the consequences those school kids have to face. 

Lately, there has been a rumor going around that we don’t have a dress code anymore, but that is false. We still have our standard dress code. If you don’t follow it, you will get a prompt from our teachers or staff to follow the dress code from then on. 

This question popped up, does the dress code affect religion? No! If in your religion you wear a hat, then the school will respect that. If you wear some special clothing for religious reasons, they will respect that. Your religion has nothing to do with the dress code. Dress code helps secure a safe environment at school and helps provide a moral standard for students and teachers. 

I think the dress code is perfect because it is not holding us back from our creativity and is keeping a modest style. In conclusion, Draper Park’s dress code is perfect because it does not affect your religion, creativity, imagination, or style. It secures a stable environment for middle school students. 

  1. Clothing shall be of modest design.
  2. Appearance must not disrupt classroom activity and/or hinder other students’ participation in class.
  3. Clothing and hairstyles must conform to reasonable standards of personal hygiene and safety.
  4. Hats of any kind are not to be worn inside or outside of the building during school unless expressly allowed as part of a school-sponsored activity, i.e., spirit days.
  5. Tank tops are not to be worn (the shirt must be at least 3” wide on the shoulder).
  6. Bare midriffs are not to show.
  7. Short skirts and shorts are not to be worn in school (“short” is defined as no more than 3” above the knee cap). Exception: Short skirts may be worn if non-transparent appropriate clothing is worn underneath i.e. Leggings that meet the length requirements.
  8. Shirts on females should not allow visible cleavage.
  9. Outer clothing should never reveal underwear. Boy’s pants must fit on the hips. No sagging pants.
  10. Open-sided shirts are not permitted.
  11. Clothing shall not be worn that displays obscene or suggestive words, pictures or advertises any substance a student cannot legally possess. Shirts or clothing depicting disrespect towards any race, religion, culture or gender are prohibited. No clothing depicting criminal activity, violence, or weapons will be allowed.
  12. Chains and/or clothing with metal spikes are not to be worn.
  13. Gang-related dress, including bandanas, is strictly forbidden.
  14. Hairstyles/colors must not be distracting (distractions will be determined by the faculty/administration).
  15. Pajama bottoms and slippers will not be allowed.
  16. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
  17. Dress at school-sponsored after-school activities and field trips must conform to the standards of the dress code.

Code of Conduct