Inside of the Veterans Day Breakfast

Makenna Archibald

On Friday, November 8th, 2019, at Draper Park Middle School before school started, the school hosted a Veterans Day Breakfast. Veterans were asked to attend in order to celebrate their service in the Armed Forces. Along with veterans joining us at this breakfast, Student Council members were asked to help and choir students were asked to perform for the veterans who came to the breakfast.

Most students from DPMS said we should keep doing these breakfasts. These breakfasts are great to attend, and the students say it was fun to be there. Choir student and seventh-grader Colter Barney agree that we should continue the tradition of the Veteran’s Day Breakfast because “it was a fun event for veterans and performers.” This shows that even though you have to sacrifice your sleep for our astonishing veterans, you will still have a great and fun time at these breakfasts. Kate Shakespear on Student Council agreed, saying, “It’s a lot of work, but it pays off and you can really see how happy all the veterans are. It makes the Veterans happy and the people that worked for it were happy to see their work pay off.”

This type of event shows the care and love that we as a community hold for our veterans that served for our amazing country and worked hard for us. These Veteran’s Day Breakfasts really help these outstanding veterans and it is super fun for all the visitors, student council, choir students, and veterans.

In the end, the veterans had such a fun time, as well as all the amazing visitors and the amazing helpers that helped with the music and food. This Veteran’\s Day Breakfast was so enjoyable. According to our students and the community, we should keep having these awesome breakfasts.